Overall, Summer School fellows have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the programme.

Here is what some of them have had to say about how they benefited from the fellowship:

The women-only setting produced a unique and special learning environment, very relaxed and fun. Although I think courses including men can be as fun and interesting, my experience at the Zurich Summer School really was one-of-a-kind and gave me a boost of energy, additional motivation and confidence. The organization was extremely professional, as was the teaching. It was clear that all of the instructors (all female) had put an immense amount of effort into preparing the courses. The learning materials were such that I will always return to them, and I also now have a list of contacts of instructors and participants who I look forward to contacting with any questions in the future. – 2019 fellow

One of the biggest strengths is that the Summer School brings together (young) scholars from different disciplines to work together on a wide range of methodological topics. The ideas exchange between all the participants and lecturers was amazing and inspiring. – 2019 fellow

I learned new techniques and methods in a positive, comfortable and friendly environment. All the professors were really good, didactic and worried about passing their knowledge in a useful and understandable way. The materials used (slides, R scripts, packages) were super good. I will continue to use them in the future to continue to develop the methods I learned this week. – 2019 fellow

Firstly, this school gave me quite a unique opportunity to learn methods which I did not have a chance to learn before. And, it did so in a very safe space. Secondly, it gave me a lot of confidence in terms of my abilities of comprehending computational methods. Third, it has enriched my academic network invaluably, which, as it seems now, will be long-lasting and also active. Last but not least, it was very helpful to have an input from and also a chance of a casual conversation with experienced female scholars. – 2019 fellow

I have personally benefited in many ways: I met like-minded people, learned new things, made progress with my project, received (and gave) careers and technical advice, and became part of a network of women in political methodology. It was one of the most amazing programmes I have participated in! – 2018 fellow

The nice and collaborative atmosphere, sharing common experiences as women working with quantitative methods, high-level training, motivating each other. – 2018 fellow

Gained new knowledge, made new connections, widened horizon, learned about potential career paths and pitfalls, received concrete advise on getting a job in academia. – 2018 fellow

The summer school has been wonderful. The courses were accessible, yet challenging and I learned a great deal. I feel that the connections that I have made have been wonderful and I am happy to be a part of this broader network of female political scientists. – 2017 fellow

In several ways: first, I could realize my project, second I gained new knowledge and a starting point in methods I did not know before, third this it was a very encouraging atmosphere with great participants, fourth due to this atmosphere I felt encouraged to ask questions that I did not ask before in methods classes. Finally: being taught by and getting help from the experts in the field. – 2017 fellow

Practical knowledge in terms of coding, a better understanding of the underlying logic of different R packages, meeting with peers and team building (the atmosphere in the group was very inclusive and positive). – 2017 fellow

I really liked that participants were only women, and women in different stages of their career (students, PhD-students, post-docs, professors). It was interesting and encouraging to share experiences with other females doing/teaching methods. What I also appreciated was the opportunity to see more senior female researchers in methodology, how different they were and how differently they achieved their success – also to have a larger variation in picking a (female) role model. – 2017 fellow