Speaker Series 2021

Women in Political Methodology Speaker Series

Due to the pandemic, the Summer School 2021 was organized as a Speaker Series ad took place online:

The Women in Political Methodology Speaker Series is a public workshop series on Zoom. It is a space for junior women scholars working in the field of political methodology in Europe to present work in progress. Everyone (of all genders) is welcome to join!


6 October 2021

  • Keynote: “The current state and the future of women in Political Methodology”
  • Speaker: Anja Neundorf (University of Glasgow)


13 October 2021

  •  “Illiberal Communication and Election Intervention During the Refugee Crisis in Germany”
  • Speaker: Ashrakat Elshehawy (University of Oxford)


20 October 2021

  • “Who said it first? Securitization theory in the age of social media”
  • Speaker: Natalia Umansky (University College Dublin)


27 October 2021

  •  “Devolution, Local Efficiency, and Resource Allocation: Evidence from Russian Cities”
  • Speaker: Olga Gasparyan (Hertie School)


3 November 2021

  • “Uncertainty in Issue Placements and Spatial Voting”
  • Speaker: Ingrid Mauerer (University of Barcelona)


10 November 2021

  • “Emotions and Reason in Political Language”
  • Speaker: Gloria Gennaro (ETH Zurich)


17 November 2021

  • Panel: “The future of political methodology”
  • Speakers: tbd.